Is There Church Today?

On a typical Sunday the answer is a strong, YES! But what about those few Sundays when you
look out the window and snow is heavily blanketing the driveway and the sidewalk, the snow
is blowing so hard you can't see beyond your front door or the ice is coating the streets or
or sidewalks? You might wonder if there is church on a Sunday like that.

Here are some ways that will help you find out:

1. You can turn to WTMJ (Channel 83 if you have cable) on your tv and look for the closings,
when you see Kenosha County come up. Check the strips that run at the bottom of the
screen and look for "Immanuel United Methodist Church."

2. You can turn to WTMJ 620 on your radio for a listing of closings.

3. You can check online on your mobile apps or

4.You can call someone.

And if you have any doubts about getting to church safely, please stay home.

* The head of Trustees and the Pastor will make the decision and it will be posted by 8 a.m.
But if you don't hear or see any indication of a closing, church is on!